In rhyming verse

In prose


Whether you’re a plumber sorting nasty blockages

Or a hipster producer of vegan sausages

Or your perfume is smellier, your hotel hotelier

Or you run a fancy ferry from St Malo to St Helier

Let us write your copy in prose style or rhyme

We’ll even meet your deadline if we have sufficient time.


We write posts for Facebook and also for the Twitter

Classified advertisements for Chris the carpet fitter

Website content ‘cos every business needs it

The internet’s voracious: everybody feeds it

With amusing blogs, product reviews

Intriguing essays and the odd bit of news.


So if you need some copy for anything at all

Whether it’s a big job or something very small

We do posts for social media, articles for mags

And pithy little slogans for your canvas bags

Scripts for your audio, scripts for your vids

Or a little blurb for eBay to increase your bids.


Our scribes are quite quirky: intelligently pensive

And generally speaking, they’re not too expensive

So when you need help with some English text

If you stare at your keyboard all angsty and vexed

Then outsource your writing don’t give yourself stress

Contacts us now - here’s our email address.




and phone numbers

01408 622811 / 07811 285047

and this method

Twitter @PrintNick




For some people writing copy for advertisements, product descriptions, newsletters, video scripts, websites, and all your social media content is a dreadful chore capable of inducing the most chronic case of procrastination. If this is you have no fear, we have the cure.

We have a number of wordmongers at our beck and call producing all kinds of English words for all kinds of organisations: charities, hotels, bathroom and kitchen companies, as well as government departments and small publishers. As we speak one of them is ghostwriting a very amusing memoir which will hopefully be published next year. 

Other services offered include:

  • checking and sometimes rewriting of English language websites and documents where the original text has been translated from another language
  • proofreading - principally checking spelling and punctuation
  • copy editing - to check texts in more depth for readability, grammar, factual correctness, jargon, and style as well as spelling and punctuation.

If you need some words for any project please feel free to call us for a chat about your requirements, or contact us by any of the following:


01408 622811 / 07811 285047

Twitter @PrintNick







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