The Shockerdile Tales...

...is a collection of 16 children's poems by Nicholas Trumble available here as an audiobook download for just £2.50 - great value fun for all the family, 54 minutes of rhyming entertainment. In addition we have included the fabulous poem The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll. 

Listen to a sample here 

  1. Aunty Moo’s Widget - this poem was inspired by my sister who is Aunty Moo to my children.
  2. Barney the Barn Owl  -  inspired by a horrific episode of Springwatch.
  3. The Walrus and the Carpenter - by Lewis Carroll from Through the Looking Glass
  4. The Three Billy Goats of Gruff  -  my version of the old children’s classic.
  5. Peter Piper Unpacks His Trunk  -  inspired by my Mother-in-Law’s response to nose-picking children.
  6. Never Run From a Polar Bear  -  from a story a young boy told his mum, which she then told me.
  7. Rodney Port  -  probably my reaction to enforced P.E. lessons at school.
  8. Josh & The Shockerdile  -  inspired by the fertile imagination of my youngest son when he was about three.
  9. The Evolution of the Long-Necked Mottled Brown and Yellow Horse  -  Giraffes are just mad.
  10. Froggy things to avoid
  11. The Princess & The Pea  -  the classic tale of a spoilt child retold.
  12. The Big Bad Wolf & The Three Little Pigs  -  how to turn a wolf vegetarian.
  13. Goldilocks gets an ASBO  -  a modern take on the three bears story.
  14. Mrs Dickens’ Chickens  -  beware the golden rule 
  15. The Moony’s Out  -  about my old cat who was the most efficient rodent killer.
  16. Aliens Don’t Like Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream Or Noisy Children  - well who does?
  17. Annie Anaconda to Zoe the Zebra - an alphabet poem just for the fun of rhyming which you might like to illustrate.


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