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Tabs! Dontcha just love 'em? Fiddly little blighters. And hyphens, they can be a pain, as can widows and orphans scattered annoyingly through your beautiful publication.

Let us help. Whether you need a menu, business form, fillable form, label, annual report, novel, memoir or poetry book, we can sort it out for you in a trice. We are generally pretty speedy.

Adobe InDesign is our application of choice for most typesetting jobs and your project will usually be proofed and supplied as a PDF file although if you require it in other formats don't be shy.

If your job is digital just email your text and instructions to nick@printregister.com and we will contact you by return to discuss the job and give you a quote for the work. All typesetting work is charged at £20 + VAT per hour, billed to the nearest half-hour, so if you have a small job like ingredients labels, you may just be charged £12 inclusive. Very reasonable, I think you'll agree. 



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