Writing copy about your business is not everybody’s cup of tea. But then neither is tea. So if you need some shiny new words written about your business why not let our scribes have a bash at it for you. Just email the basic idea to us, tell us how many words you need and what it’s for, and then you can relax until your new shiny copy arrives via the magic of email. In truth, we will probably need to have a chat with you on the phone to gain a better understanding of what it is you do, especially if it’s something esoteric like wizardry or meteorology. Incidentally, if it is wizardry we may do the job for free.

For SEO purposes, you should really have a minimum of three hundred words per web page or post so those crafty web spiders can take a butcher’s at your site and bump you up the rankings. Of course, it has to be relevant to your page; there’s no point promising your prospects a night of unbridled passion if you are actually selling ceramic tiles. And because we won’t necessarily get as excited about ceramic tiles as you will, you will need to tell us the key features, benefits and USPs etc. of your particular tiles, in order that our wordsmiths can wrap them all up into a few finely honed paragraphs.

We charge just 5p per word, which we think is very reasonable. The minimum charge is £15 which covers 300 words. This rate is for writing standard advertising copy in prose: fiction, technical or medical copy, or rhyming verse will be charged at different rates.

To get the ball rolling get in touch with Nick by email (, sending your contact details and a brief summary of your project, and he will call you straight back.