Copywriting, graphic design and printing

Copywriting, graphic design and printing

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This year, as the relentless beaver of fate continues to gnaw at the tree trunk of oblivion, we will be offering to free up some of your valuable time by undertaking various tasks on your behalf: copywriting, printing, graphic design and typesetting.

If you have any good old fashioned printing jobs we would be delighted to print them for you; anything from a single wire bound report to a gazillion leaflets, laminated menus, business cards, booklets and all points in between. We also supply plate sunk place cards for really posh dos. In fact we supply just about every type of printed paper product you can think of.

You might need someone to do some copywriting for all your marketing bits and bobs: websites, advertisements, brochures and so forth. We would be happy to do this for you at the very reasonable rate of £5 (+ VAT) per 100 words. Our web posts are all SEO optimised (I feel your excitement) so the interweb arachnids will like them and all our work is written by genuine aliens (well space cadets at least); not copied from Hipkiss minor from the lower sixth. It’s bespoke in other words, written for your business specifically and not generated by an algorithm belonging to a dodgy trillionaire.

It may be you have done a fine piece of writing yourself and would like the reassurance of an editorial once-over. If so, our top copy editor is a stickler for the superfluous comma, so I will be running this nonsense past her the minute I’m done.

In short we can help with all manner of creative endeavours, including graphic design or typesetting although we are best avoided if you require some engineering, like a particle accelerator. No, I don’t know what that is either.

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